Annual Convention Education Seminars 2017

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Aggregate Policy Seminar
The Illinois Department of Transportation informational meeting led by Sheila Beshears and Sean Stutler, Central Bureau of Materials, addresses a broad range of recent aggregate issues including how Illinois’ aggregate policy has changed and a look into the future. This free seminar will benefit aggregate technicians, inspectors and QC managers and will include a question and answer period.

Morning Session

Committee reports and Rock Solid Safety awards


High Frequency Screening and Dry Fines Separation; Turning Waste into Profit - The high frequency screen is the best kept secret in the industry.  In this presentation, Chris Maynard and Kelan Moylan of TCI Manufacturing and Equipment Sales will discuss the key factors that make a high frequency screen work, where and how to apply the high frequency screen, how to turn waste products into sellable products and show successful applications of the high frequency screen.


Safety and Drones – Today & Tomorrow - The drone marketplace is changing every 6-12 months as technology rapidly evolves.  Construction aggregate operations of every size and scope across the globe are investing in and implementing them at-scale.  Most common ROIs stem from (1) inventory/financial management (2) mine engineering and (3) jobsite safety.  In this seminar, Brian Isbell of Kespry will analyze how automated drones enhance safety measures today and where our industry will further benefit in the near future.


Protecting Yourself from Liability – Before, During & After the Blast - Blasting is legally considered a Strict Liability operation.  Jeff Taylor of Sauls Seismic, along with attorney Kelly Ratliff of Montgomery, Rennie & Johnson, will provide recommendations for best management practices to establish daily protocols that improve risk management and liability protection in blasting operations.  This presentation also provides a pro-active scheme for blasters, mine/site operators and owners to follow to prevent regulatory issues and frivolous blast damage law suits.  New ideas and technologies are discussed that are available to improve blast optimization for blasting operations.


Wildlife Habitat Council - The Wildlife Habitat Council’s Daniel Goldfarb will outline how WHC works with aggregate mining companies and highlight success stories from current participants.  He will help you understand how the program works and steps to take towards certification.  You will also learn about opportunities certification presents and the cost/benefit of participating in WHC programs.


Safety Leadership - Ed Elliot’s Safety Leadership presentation will outline steps managers can take to change the culture of their organization to assign a greater value to safety and health.  Targeting front line, middle management, and upper management safety and health leadership techniques, Ed Elliot will describe simple accountability techniques that will help you develop skills for the circumstances you face in your organization and provide techniques for leaders to move the culture in the right direction. Whether it is simply supporting an existing excellent safety culture or forcing an organization to accept safety as a value, together, we will identify successful steps a leader can use to achieve their objectives.  Ed Elliot welcomes you to bring to the seminar real-life examples of situations to discuss and he will provide recommendations for dealing with difficulties you have encountered.


Environmental Regulations During the Trump Administration - With the election of a Republican President and Congress who have made regulatory reform a key issue, there is a golden opportunity to make common sense changes to environmental requirements to help the aggregates industry.  Emily Coyner of NSSGA will discuss some of the potential reforms and roadblocks to expect in the next 4 years, including WOTUS and other permit & compliance issues.


Blasting Near Buried Pipelines - There are thousands of miles of pipelines throughout the United States. These pipelines are made of various materials, have different diameters, carry products at different internal pressures and are of various ages. Blasters are often confronted with the need to remove rock near these critical utilities. Often times, unrealistic or unchecked vibration limits are put forth to protect the utility.  Vibra-Tech’s Michael Spors will discuss some of the key engineering characteristics of pipelines that affect the allowable vibration limit.


Awards Luncheon

Innovative Safety & health Leadership, Community Relations; Certificate of Achievement in Environmental Excellence, Mining New Members, and Industry Leadership.


Tire Care and Safety - Tredroc Tire Services’ Steve Helfers will teach you about various components of tire safety including the importance of proper air pressure, tire pressure system options, operating conditions that effect tire wear, proper pre/post shift tire and wheel inspections, and proper tire inflation procedures.


Automating Site Processes with Technology - Dirk Krueger of Command Alkon will show you how to increase productivity with automated check-in and ticketing processes. He will also discuss the use of Radio Frequency ID, kiosks, cameras and printer enclosures to automate the processes at your sites.


Illinois Environmental Protection Agency - IEPA Director, Alec Messina, will discuss environmental topics important to the industry.