Producer Membership

As the trade association serving both large and small producers of over 90% of the total aggregate sold in Illinois each year, the IAAP can be a valuable asset to your business.  Producers of crushed stone, sand, gravel, clay, peat, and other non-coal industrial minerals will realize tangible benefits by joining the Producer Membership division of the IAAP.

Benefits of Membership

Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy: IAAP represents your interests every day in Springfield. We have our finger on the pulse of any legislative maneuver that could affect the aggregate industry in Illinois. We also work closely with all government agencies that regulate aggregate producers. The IAAP is the only organization that constantly monitors the status of Illinois laws and regulations affecting the aggregates industry, thereby keeping our members secure in the knowledge that their wellbeing is protected.

Continuing Education: IAAP provides current scientific information and practical experience through state-of-the-art seminars presented by nationally known speakers. At the Annual Convention, you may visit many comprehensive exhibits of new and proven aggregate services and equipment tailored to the needs of the aggregate industry.  Members may borrow print, video, DVD, and CD-ROM materials from our extensive education, public relations, and safety libraries.

Research & Information: IAAP is an essential resource for questions and concerns regarding technical and regulatory issues that impact the aggregates industry. The IAAP website contains a virtual storehouse of useful research and information you will find very valuable. The IAAP can explain how to claim an exemption from paying retailers occupation (sales) tax or use tax on machinery and equipment.

Public Relations: IAAP offers help organizing site visits for school children or the general public. We have many excellent educational materials you may use to ensure that your pit or quarry tour is a success. You may enhance the public’s perception of your operation by participating in IAAP award programs. 

Sponsored Benefit Programs: IAAP sponsors programs designed to help the aggregates industry operate more efficiently and increase profit! Benefits offered include a competitively priced insurance program offering coverage for general liability, worker’s compensation, property, inland marine, automobile, and business income.  IAAP members purchasing this insurance offered by Bituminous may be eligible for dividends.

Publications: The Update newsletter is full of important and interesting news and information affecting the industry, educational and networking opportunities, member recognition, and a calendar of important events. The monthly Update newsletter can be emailed to members or may be downloaded from our website. The Membership Directory contains contact information and details about the products and services offered by IAAP member companies and government agencies.

Join the IAAP

Aggregate Producer members mine stone, sand, gravel, silica sand, clay, peat, cement and other minerals or mineral products.  If you are interested in becoming an IAAP member, please download the membership form, fill it out in its entirety and send in the completed application to the IAAP along with your check for the appropriate amount of dues.  Please note:  The information contained on this form will be used to create your company listing in the IAAP Membership Directory and on this website.  Therefore, be sure to provide all of the information requested, including a detailed description of your company’s goods and services.

Note that IAAP dues are self-allocating.  Yearly Producer Member dues for Illinois producers is based on tonnage of mined product sold from Illinois locations; out of-state producer dues is based on tonnage of mined product shipped or sold into Illinois.  Please select the appropriate tonnage range and pay that amount.  Membership dues are 90% tax deductible as a business expense.