Clean Construction Demolition Debris & Uncontaminated Soil Fill Operation information


PowerPoint Presentations from CCDD / USFO Rules Informational Meetings

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2016 Update

IEPA Rules Presentation (793 KB)

CCDD & Uncontaminated Soil Operations: Operator Perspective (1.24 MB)

CCDD Documentation Process from Owner / Consultant Perspective (733 KB)

The IEPA has updated the CCDD webpage found at the following link
(Last Updated April 13, 2015)


2014 Update

Training for New Employees and Experienced Operators (1.3 MB)

Assessment Strategies to Minimize Soil Management Costs (8.1 MB)

IEPA Presentation: Common Issues in the Field (1.6 MB)

2012 Update

Updated Requirements for Clean Construction or Demolition Debris (CCDD) & Uncontaminated Soil Fill Only (USFO) operations:

IEPA Rules Presentation, October, 2012

CCDD Certification Procedures: Environmental Consultant Point of View

Impact of new rule on CCDD/USFO Facilities: Operator Point of View

Additional CCDD / USFO Information

Clean Construction/Demolition Debris Training conducted by IAAP in 2009

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Visual Inspection of Incoming CCDD

How to Use a PID/FID and Calibrating to Background

Actual Screening of Incoming Loads